Office Portrait - Painting - Adam Jarvis

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Office Portrait

Original Painting by Adam Jarvis 
8" x 10" on balsa wood canvas


This was a spontaneous and special moment. I illustrated this image on the computer with vector art pieces from the Vectorvault collection. Then, I moved it to a balsa wood panel canvas. It's light weight and absorbs paint and ink in a very interesting way. I printed pieces and then assembled them with a light glue wash.

It's been a while since I held a paint brush. Manually mixing colours and layering in waves of tone and emotion. This was a sudden inspiration that dominated the better part of a day. Along the way, I inked in linear elements with markers and pencil crayons. Rulers to line everything up thoughtfully.


The wooden canvas is lined with a black texture trim. It sparkles in the light and feels nice to the touch.
I enjoyed making it.

* This piece comes signed and dated with a letter of gratitude.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review