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The Vectorvault Store houses a premium collection of Vector-Based Graphics. Each vector is designed to make your job easier by providing a diverse range of problem-solving tools. We listen to what you have to say and we design our products and services according to your needs and wants. You are the compass. Show us where to take this brand.


Search. Find. Pay. Go.

We want to make things easier for you. So the first thing we did was eliminate expensive credit packages. While other large libraries require you to spend more than you need to, Vectorvault wants to get you back to work as quick as possible with affordable vector solutions. Credit packages expire. They are structured to make it hard to calculate how much bang you get for your buck. With Vectorvault, you get what you pay for - and more.

Great things come in small packages

With Today's demand for efficient designs with manageable files sizes, Vectorvault has got your back. Our products are optimized to be easy to manage and fun to experiment with.

We want to connect you to what you need. And if we don't have it, we know who does. And we know how to get it to you - fast. Our objective is to make you a better designer. Starting with a curated collection of Vector Art designed around you, supported by a passionate network of designers who feel the same way about vector art as we do - They Love it.

Find the vector you need now

Search for what you need. Save the ones that you will need later.
Check out. Download. Get to work making money and creating.

Our Vectors are easy to use

Great vector products and services are only one side of the coin. At Vectorvault, we are always looking to find ways to improve our interface, brand image and processes. Why? Because providing cost effective solutions is nothing if we can't connect you to those solutions easily. If you have a suggestion on how to make it better for you and your fellow vector enthusiest, don't keep it to yourself. Share your thoughts. Improve us for your own purposes. 

Designed in a universal format

Unlike pixel-based Raster Art, Vector Graphics use mathematical values, co-ordinates and angles in a format that is Internationally recognized. That's why Vector Art has been around so long. And that's why it's not going anywhere. Vectorvault Vectors are saved as vector pdfs or .eps files.

Vectors are used and created every day by Designers, Illustrators, and Artists from around the World. They say that Mathematics is the language of the Universe. If that is so, then Vector Art is it's soul.